We’re trying to get this whole “video our hunts” thing down pat, and it’s still a work in progress. Our camera girl is working on keeping the camera rolling instead of turning it off at all the most important parts. We’re just having fun with it and learning as we go.

The first squirrel he caught was the one right after we got him out of the car. It was pretty epic actually. We came up on Thorin at the base of a tree that had roots extending over a creek and there was a little hole. p1060918

[There’s the hole I’m talking about]

We could hear the squirrel inside grunting at us. All of a sudden Thorin laid down on his side and reached a leg up in the hole and grabbed the squirrel out! Everything about it was epic!! I was dancing around with glee. I turned to The Future Apprentice, however, and asked if she caught that on camera.

“Nope,” she said. “I stopped filming at the top of the hill…”

Oh well, we live and learn. Keep that camera rolling!

We also missed the squirrel leaping out of a hole right next to me, and me yelling out with a deep, manly mannish sort of roar.

Because that’s exactly how that happened! Check out our video here.