Here’s a video edited by our friend Michael who brought his drone out last Saturday. Unfortunately, we didn’t chase any squirrels but you can see how amazing it would be to watch a chase in the treetops from the vantage point of a drone. Yesterday the Future Apprentice and I chased a squirrel for over an hour from tree top to tree top. If only we’d a drone with us then!

You can see a number of great dives on rabbits though. Pay CAREFUL ATTENTION when he dives on a rabbit and you can actually see the rabbit continue running the field. You may also see other rabbits in the field that we missed at the the time. There are at least two we saw when watching the video. On his last dive of the video, watch very closely and you see the rabbit run away, curve through the field and cross the creek. By the time the rabbit crosses the creek, Thorin is back up in the trees and sees him again!