We went out the other day (945 g), and hunted at a friend’s house. We were getting the bird out of the van and talking about something when I looked over my friend’s shoulder, and was sure I saw a squirrel sneaking into his creek bed. I got Thorin off his leash and he flew right above where I’d seen the squirrel. I jumped into the bed and starting hitting the brush. On my second or third hit, a big rabbit came leaping up the side of the creek and took off towards the barn.

It went inside the barn, and so two of the people with me went into the barn and found it hiding in the back. They flushed it out and it slipped underneath the wall and made a break for it! It was a perfect set up for Thorin who was waiting right in the rabbit’s path. Sometimes, that doesn’t matter though! If you watch in the video, you see Thorin dive and then you see the rabbit leap about eight feet and bound into the creek again. It was epic! We lost that one. As you can see from the picture at the top, he was flabbergasted that he missed it. There was no excuse.

About ten minutes later, Thorin caught a squirrel but it wasn’t very exciting. He just dropped straight down onto it as it was trying to sneak away.

Good times!