UPDATE June 2018: we still like the shelf perch a lot, but we’ve changed our set up in the living room to  a customized cabinet.


So, we needed a place to keep Stormfly. As an imprint Kestrel, socialization is absolutely essential. You simply can not put this bird in a mews and leave her alone for hours and hours; she’ll go nuts and get loud. Our bird is blessedly silent, and that’s mainly due to the fact that she is with us so much. I really liked the looks of some of the shelf perches I found online, and we’d be able to have her in the living room with us all the time.

So, I headed to Lowe’s!


[This piece of wood was ten dollars, and the most expensive part of the project]


[This sweet looking mat was on sale for three dollars!]


[And this rounds it all out- the perch itself is a drawer handle]


[A simple cut in half]


[As soon as I saw that mat, I knew I was using the clock! It’s time for falconry]


[Then we stained the wood, so we could make it look pretty]


[After staining, we painted it blue, then sanded the paint to give it an stressed look]


[There’s the little perch, glued onto a piece of cork I found in the gardening dept. for ninety cents]


[There it is, on the wall! The water dish was also from the gardening department, for one dollar. Notice how I cut out the piece under the perch. Put a little piece of coroplast there for the mutes. ]


And that’s all folks!