So, while the blog has been quiet we’ve been making moves, plotting, planning, and getting ready for a whole new facet to our squirrel hawking adventures. This last season was quiet, unexpectedly so. The short story: we had a North American Goshawk on our hands for several months! It was terrifying, exciting, frustrating, and exhausting. The lesson we learned? We’re sticking to Red Tails for a long time (but I will say this: Goshawks are stupid fast. STUPID fast…)

He’s as insane as he looked in this picture.

Fortunately, Thorin Oakenshield still managed to kill a whole slew of squirrels for us in some less psychotic hunts, but we had zero time for videos or blog posts. Once we had handed the psycho duck over to his falconer, we grabbed an opportunity to get the one team mate we did want to add to our roster.

Introducing…. Scout the Decker Terrier! The story of his joining us is a good one, but first you need to watch this video so you can meet him.

Scout is a one year old Decker who made his way through several owners in his first year, which might be concerning to a smarter and wiser falconer but it certainly didn’t phase us. Actually, most of it was just a matter of changing life circumstances for those guys and, let’s face it, Scout has plenty of energy to power himself and a small city on the side. I’m seriously looking for a dog sized hamster wheel so I can figure out how to start converting electricity.

Honestly, it’s a blast. He’s eager, eager, eager to please. He absolutely loves kids, which was a must. He hunts all day, and judging from how loud he sleeps, I’m pretty sure he’s hunting in his dreams too. Right now, it’s lots of time in the woods and fields, and lots of time hanging with us and Thorin.

Here’s some pics: