Hey guys! It’s the Future Apprentice and I’m about to tell you about all  the cool stuff that we’ve been doing for our Kestrel. Even though we were happy with the shelf perch for Stormfly we eventually decided to give her an upgrade because she needed more space to move.

Stormfly’s Cabinet

We bought this cabinet for $8 at Goodwill and completely renovated it. At the time it was a bright red with no handles or windows. After letting it sit in our garage for 3 or 4 months we finally got to fixing it up.

We started by taking the doors off and cutting windows into it. Afterwards we put wire on it so she could see out but couldn’t get out. We also added plastic to the floor so that cleaning it is super easy. Then a few weeks later we painted it with the lovely color it is now. We even used sandpaper to let some the red show through on the edges bringing it all together. After the paint dried the handles were put on and her bow perch and water bowl were temporarily added. A month or two later we put in some shelf perches so she would be able to fly back and forth. Those lasted a little while but soon broke since they weren’t very strong. We went back to the ground perch for several months before we finally added her permanent perches. These go straight across and there’s one that is about six or seven inches above the floor and one that is about twenty or twenty five inches above the floor.


The perches are held up by a support on each side. the supports are screwed into the wall and have small notches on them just big enough for the stick. At first she preferred the top perch but now she likes the one closest to the floor so she can see out a bit better. We added some small sticks so she can take out some aggression when ever she’s alone kind of like a dog with its bone, though the sticks last about a week and  have to be replaced regularly.


One of the most helpful things is that we can keep all her stuff in one place. There are three drawers on the cabinet. In the top one we keep her most important stuff in: scale, glove, furniture,bag and lure, with a few other things. In the middle are her bow perch, towel for when we’re at someone else’s house, and we usually keep her little cooler in there too. The bottom drawer is currently empty.

Stormfly has loved the ability to fly free in her little home, and with the new perches she can keep herself a bit more clean and happy. Here’s a picture of her inside it!


Stormfly also known as Little Bird