Here’s a video we did recently showing a key moment in Scout’s progression as a falconry dog. He’d already spent a little time with birds when we got him, but he hadn’t spent any time actually hunting. That was fine because he was still pretty young. We started playing the game “find the squirrel” with him around the house and the yard, as well as taking him on long walks. We also tried to get him and our Red Tailed Hawk together as much as possible.

Once the season started, it was so much fun to watch his progression. By nature, he’s so curious and engaged with everything we do. I wish I’d been videoing the first time we chased a squirrel and that squirrel bailed out and landed three feet in front of Scout. Now I know what “eyes bugging out” really means!

I’ve got other videos I’m going to post later, but by now, at the end of the season, I couldn’t imagine hunting without a dog like this with us. This video shows the moment, very early on in the season, when he started tracking squirrels as they ran from the hawk up in the treetops.