It’s so hard to explain to people just why I love squirrel hunting with a red tailed hawk. Unless you’re there, watching two creatures who are very evenly matched as predator and prey as they do everything possible to win this battle, it’s hard to fully appreciate it.

I tell people, yes, we catch a lot of squirrels each season, but we also miss a lot of squirrels each season too and I don’t mind that. Typically, when we miss a squirrel, it has totally earned it’s freedom.

In this video you can get a glimpse of how exciting they are to watch, crashing pell-mell through the branches. And, like I said, the bird misses the squirrel (at first…). Thanks to Scout though, the squirrels can’t simply disappear after a missed dive anymore.

Last thing I’ll say- as soon as I saw that pond, I knew I was going to end up getting in it. Because that’s falconry.