This was the year of the dog in our household. Even as I’m writing this, sitting on our couch feeling sick and worn down after a week of battling a nasty virus, Scout is curled up right next to me. He’s barely left my side all week, laying in bed with me, walking beside me when I did manage to get up.

In this clip you see a glimpse of how our team has progressed throughout the season. What you can’t see in the video, but is part of the context that makes me love this clip is: Scout originally found this squirrel and started bawling at it. The bird, who was a good 50 yards away, immediately responded and came over. This clip comes about five minutes into the chase, after the bird’s missed several times and Scout has done a great job keeping the squirrel in sight and up in the treetops.

The only thing that would have made this absolutely perfect would have been if they’d actually caught the squirrel this time. But you know what? I’m not worried. It’s amazing to watch these animals at work.