Southern Woods Falconry

Just a dad and his kids going on Hawking adventures in the South Eastern USA.


Falconry is a ton of fun. That’s the reason we do it. There’s a lot of other great things about falconry but no one is forcing me to go out and trap a wild bird, train it, and spend hours and hours running through the woods chasing squirrels. There are noble things about falconry, like the patience you learn. There are frustrating things about falconry. But on the whole it’s just fun. I had a squirrel leap out of a hole at me today, and I started screaming like a little girl while my bird started attacking everything in sight. There’s nothing like it.


[Thorin and I just having a good time together]

No one, however, just decides to go out start practicing falconry. Becoming a falconer is not necessarily fun. There are state and federal guidelines to be observed, tests to be taken, inspections that are made, and you have to undergo a two year apprenticeship to a licensed falconer. It is a lot of work.

I’m a licensed general falconer in Tennessee. That means I can trap specified birds of prey to train and hunt game with. I can also own captive bred birds of prey for the purpose of flying them on game. I am not a rehabber, nor do I pretend ever to be one.

This website is an invitation for you to join me and my daughter as we explore the woods of the Southeast with a red tail hawk flying overhead. I’ll be writing about some of our most memorable experiences in the first and second seasons, and posting regular updates on our hunts. Enjoy!